Transmission & the Environment

Environmental responsiblity and the transmission system

BC Hydro is committed to operating, maintaining and planning its transmission system in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner. Transmission systems became the responsibilty of BC Hydro as a result of the Clean Energy Act of 2010.

Our first environmental priority is to understand and manage the risks associated with our business and to anticipate and prevent impacts. If there are instances when operations do cause adverse impacts on the environment and on other uses of resources, we work towards reducing those impacts to enhance affected habitat and sustain resources over the long term.

We strive to expand our understanding of the effects of our business as a means to manage environmental risks and continually improve our environmental performance. We work co-operatively with stakeholders and First Nations, on resource use, management, conservation and the promotion of environmental responsibility to increase public benefits from any affected resources.

BC Hydro is committed to full compliance with environmental requirements defined by legislation, regulation, government directives, guidelines, commitments and agreements.

CEA Environmental Commitment and Responsibility (ECR) Program

Our commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental management is reflected in our participation in the ECR program. The goal of this national program is to continuously improve environmental performance, environmental management and communications while continuing to provide economical and reliable electricity.

Environmental Management System

We carry out our Environmental Responsibility Principles through the implementation of our ISO 14001-consistent Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS provides a framework for our staff to plan, operate, check, review and continually improve our environmental management and performance.

Work Practices and Protocol Agreements