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The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program is a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province of B.C., Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and public stakeholders.


The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) compensates for the impacts to fish, wildlife and their supporting habitats affected by BC Hydro owned and operated generation facilities.


Thriving fish and wildlife populations in watersheds that are functioning and sustainable.



  • Maintain or improve the status of species or ecosystems of concern.
  • Maintain or improve the integrity and productivity of ecosystems and habitats.

Sustainable Use

  • Maintain or improve opportunities for sustainable use, including harvesting and other uses. Harvesting includes First Nations, recreational, sport and commercial harvests. Other uses may include cultural, medicinal, or non-consumptive uses.

Community Engagement

  • Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and aboriginal communities. This objective stems from BC Hydro’s social responsibility policy and the Province of B.C. shared stewardship objective.

Board and committee members

Working together across the Province

Our governance manual [PDF, 1.3 MB] defines a harmonized governance and delivery framework that recognizes the unique attributes of each of the regions in which we operate – Peace, Columbia and Coastal. The governance manual provides a structure for the delivery of the Program and is used in combination with the FWCP basin, watershed and action plans to guide program implementation.

The FWCP operates in three regions across the province:

Coastal region: Includes Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and the Southern Interior. See map [PDF, 122 KB].

Columbia region: Includes the East and West Kootenay, Valemount and the upper Columbia River. See map [PDF, 123 KB].

Peace region: Includes the communities of Mackenzie, McLeod Lake, Hudson’s Hope, Tsay Keh Village, and Fort Ware, as well as the traditional territories of many other First Nations in the region. See map [PDF, 123 KB].

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The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program is a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and public stakeholders to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by the construction of BC Hydro dams.