Executive Team

Who's on the executive team

BC Hydro's executive team is led by the CEO, and includes leaders from the lines of business and corporate service groups.

  • Chris O'Riley, President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Teresa Conway, President & CEO, Powerex
  • Janet Fraser, Senior Vice-President, People, Customer, Corporate Affairs
  • Ray Lings, President & CEO, Powertech 
  • Mark Poweska, Executive Vice-President, Operations
  • Hugo Shaw, Senior Vice-President, Safety, Security and Emergency Management
  • Cheryl Yaremko, Executive Vice-President, Finance, Technology, Supply Chain & Chief Financial Officer

Executive compensation

BC Hydro is committed to openness and accountability. In our effort to remain as transparent an organization as possible BC Hydro is making information easily accessible to British Columbians.

BC Hydro Executive contracts: