Finding electric vehicle charging stations

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Most charge at home, but there are many public stations

There are now more than 1,000 public charging stations in B.C., and stations are becoming common in many cities and towns across North America. And most of them are easy to find on PlugShare, both online and via an app.

While the majority of B.C.'s Level 2 public charging stations are free to use, many require drivers to join a service network to access the stations. Members are offered various ways to authorize the use of a charging station, such as scanning a member card at the desired charging station. EV owners can obtain a member card by registering online with the charging service networks.

Some networks' stations can also be authorized through a smart phone app or a credit card. There are currently three predominant networks in B.C.: ChargePoint, Flo, and Greenlots (for fast chargers). BC Hydro is now rolling out its own mobile app, BC Hydro EV, initially for use on BC Hydro’s Kootenay stations, but by the summer of 2019, available to charge on most BC Hydro network stations across the province.

How to use PlugShare

PlugShare is the most comprehensive, up-to-date tool for finding charging stations, in B.C., and in many points across North America, Europe and Asia. It has grown because electric vehicle owners can add, review and edit station information – they can even safely share their private charging station at home with the other drivers.

PlugShare is helpful because its maps include colour-coded station icons that help you visually identify stations that are public Level 2, DC fast charge stations, and – as a crowd-sourced wiki-style initiative – often include valuable information, such as whether a station is working improperly, or detailed directions for on-site navigation in large parkades or parking lots.

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Use ChargeHub to find available DC fast charging stations

Using ChargeHub's filters, you can limit your charging station search to DC fast charging stations. And ChargeHub shows which of those stations is available and which are being used.

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