Charging on the road

The number of public charging stations is growing fast

The rapid increase in the number of public charging stations in B.C., 1,000 and growing, provides a variety of options. 

Can you charge your electric car at a DC fast charger station?

While all EV's are equipped for Level 2 charging, not all are equipped for DC fast charging.  In general, all battery EVs have DC charging except for the Smart EV and the Ford Focus EV. PHEVs don't have DC fast charging capability, except for the Mitsubishi Outlander, which is scheduled for release in 2017.  

DC fast charging
DC Fast Charge: 400 V and more
Charging time  
Fast charging uses a direct current, high-power charge. Find a charging station near you.
10 to 30 minutes

It’s easy to charge your EV

  1. Unplug the connector from the charging station.

  2. Plug the connector into your car's outlet.

  3. Start a charge by using the Greenlots smart phone app or Greenlots issued RFID.

  4. When charging is finished, return the connector back into the charging station.

Find a charging station near you

Find more information on what to do at a fast charging station