Charging an electric vehicle

An electric vehicle is plugged in at a charging station in the West End of Vancouver

Greater range & more charging stations reducing anxiety

In the early days of electric vehicles, it wasn't unusual for a driver to be forced to leave the electric car at home and take the gas guzzler instead. It was a practical decision borne out of a combination of a limited range between charges, and no options except the 11-16-hour charge of a standard electrical outlet.

There are now close to 1,000 Level 2 chargers across B.C. – stations that will fully charge most vehicles in less than five hours. And there are 30 BC Hydro-installed DC fast chargers that will do that same job in less than 30 minutes, plus another eight Tesla superchargers available free of charge to Tesla owners.

Charging infrastructure guidelines a great resource

The Canadian EV Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines report [PDF, 2.5  MB] is a resource to aid in the proper deployment of EV charge infrastructure and to further advance the electrification of transportation.

The report is designed for a broad audience including civic and campus planners, facility engineers, architects, developers, operations personnel, large building owners, individual or fleet electric vehicle consumers and charge infrastructure users.

Canadian EV Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines 2014 report [PDF, 2.5 MB]