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Our supply chain software

In August 2020, we transitioned to a new software system to manage our supply chain functions and related business processes.

Contract language updates for payment and invoicing

The transition to our new software system includes updates to our invoicing and payment processes. To ensure existing contracts with our suppliers align with these processes, we made updates to our contract language related to invoicing and payment.

To review the contract updates, select a contract type below:

For any questions related to the above contract language updates please email

Questions about contract language

The updated contract language will automatically replace the current invoicing and payment section in your contract. We ask that you review the new language and let us know if you have any concerns. If we don’t hear from you by August 31, 2020, we’ll deem you to have accepted the updated contract language.

The new contract language will be effective August 4, 2020 in alignment with our new software system going live.