Indigenous procurement

BC Hydro has a revised Indigenous Contract & Procurement Policy [PDF, 823 KB].

To support the long term economic interests of Indigenous peoples, we're committed to directing procurement opportunities for the benefit of local First Nation communities in support of our impact benefit agreements, relationship agreements, or other arrangements with communities.

Key aspects of the updated policy include:

  • Contracts will align with our Statement of Indigenous Principles.
  • Indigenous business is defined as any business arrangement in which Indigenous individuals and/or communities have an ownership or other interest, and includes any business entity identified by an Indigenous community as its designated business partner.
  • Indigenous inclusion weighting is no longer a separate evaluation criteria; measures will now be included in contracts as appropriate.
  • Greater emphasis will be placed on directed procurement to fulfill commitments made in Agreements with Indigenous communities.
  • An Indigenous Engagement Plan will be required for work occurring on First Nation reserve, proven Aboriginal title lands, treaty settlement lands, or any other lands held by a First Nation which have been identified and communicated by BC Hydro to the Contractor. An Indigenous Participation Plan will also be required when appropriate.

Resources to support Indigenous Employment and Training

Indigenous Employment and Training

The Indigenous Employment and Training Team is available to support initiatives aimed at maximizing inclusion of local Indigenous individuals in work for BC Hydro. Services centre on design and implementation of Indigenous employment and training programs.

Indigenous business resources

There are a number of resources available to help identify local Indigenous talent pools. Local First Nation Band offices and economic development corporations are often most helpful in identifying regional capacity and facilitating connections with local Indigenous businesses, and/or individuals.

Below is a small sample of publically available resources related to Indigenous business and economic development (BC Hydro is not responsible for any third party services or resources).