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What is strategic energy management?

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Strategic approach to efficiency means greater returns for your business

Strategic energy management is a holistic approach to energy-efficiency that enables businesses to achieve long-term and persistent savings. Companies shift by considering electricity use as they would any other operational cost, and by making its monitoring and control a key consideration in their business.

Businesses that utilize strategic energy management develop energy plans that include conservation along with operational and maintenance goals. This requires the engagement of all employees, from senior management buy-in to employees who consider their individual energy use as key to company success.

"Strategic energy management is not a new concept to BC Hydro's Key Account customers who have dedicated energy managers and have been reaping the benefits of their insights and dedication for years", says Robert Raymond, program manager in industrial marketing. "What is new is that we are taking what we've learned from these customers and how this type of energy management meets their needs, and are expanding it to a larger number of our industrial customers."

Participation in one of three new industrial programs grants customers:

  • Access to BC Hydro's energy management insights
  • Access to incentive funding to implement BC Hydro-funded energy study findings and the Self-Serve Incentive Program.

Program eligibility is clearly defined by your customer's annual electricity usage, and each program offers customers guidance specific to their individual needs.

Industrial energy manager
Eligibility: 10 gigawatt-hours or more of annual use and willingness to hire a full-time energy manager that meets our salary and qualification criteria, subject to approval.
Offer: Up to 75% salary funding for 2 years and 100% funding for related activities such as energy management assessments, training, and energy monitoring and targeting.

Industrial cohort
Eligibility: 4 to 20 gigawatt-hours of use annually and access to a facility's online electricity use data.
Offer: An opportunity to have your selected energy team be trained and coached to develop energy efficiency goals and priorities which are measured, tracked and reported on for up to $7,000 in bonus funding.

Operational energy analytics
Eligibility: 0.5 to 4 gigawatt-hours of use annually, access to a facility's online smart meter data and you have started working with a Business Energy Advisor.
Offer: Full funded site audit by your Business Energy Advisor, who will identify energy efficiency opportunities and work with the customer's team to monitor, review and report their progress for several months before providing a sustainment plan. Bonus funding up to $5,000 available based on kWh savings in first year.

We encourage Alliance members to speak to their customers about their energy management needs and interest in our programs. For more information visit the strategic energy management webpages, call the business help desk or email us at