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Invoicing tip, product incentives reminder and an LED update

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Use the new invoice checklist, get pre-approval and submit LED checklists

Tanya Perewernycky and other members of the Alliance of Energy Professionals team work hard to ensure the BC Hydro incentive application process goes smoothly. Below, Tanya shares a tip, a reminder, and news of a new requirement to kick-off 2015:

Tip: Use our new invoice checklist, avoid costly mistakes on your next commercial business incentives invoice

Print a copy of our product incentives invoice checklist [PDF, 41 KB] so you know what to include on your next invoice. Also, to ensure fast, easy payment of incentives, remember that product incentives invoices must be submitted 10 days after you complete a project.

Reminder: All programs now require pre-approval, including product incentives

Now that the transition period is over, all Commercial and Industrial programs require pre-approval before products are purchased or installed.

BC Hydro offers incentives on specific retrofit configurations and associated products, as seen in the e.Catalog. The commercial product incentives program does allow for minor revisions to be made to a customer’s application at the end of the project. For example, you can update project costs and quantities.

However, for major changes in scope, including adding areas or fixtures, or changing the existing configurations, you are strongly encouraged to stop the project and contact BC Hydro to determine next steps. Your customer's incentive could be at risk of being declined.

Now required: Submit LED lighting spec sheets along with the completed lighting calculator

The Lighting Calculator is required to be used for all lighting projects via BC Hydro's industrial product incentives and Energy-Saving Leaders custom incentive projects. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the lighting calculator (Version 7).

When proposing LED lighting solutions, it is now a requirement to identify the LED fixture codes in the lighting spreadsheet as well as submitting copies of the LED spec sheets when submitting the completed lighting calculator.