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BC Hydro broadens access to industrial product incentives

Image of Mike Heppell of Mayne Coatings
Mayne Coatings president Mike Heppell leaned on nearly $20,000 of BC Hydro product incentives to upgrade metal halide lighting at his Langley facility.

Strategic Energy Management is no longer a prerequisite for incentives

Effective April 1, 2018, BC Hydro's Industrial Self-serve Incentive Program (SIP) will no longer require customers to be involved in Strategic Energy Management to be eligible to qualify for product incentives.

Instead, once their upgrade project has been completed, BC Hydro will follow up with the customer to see if there are other opportunities available for the customer to investigate and implement. Industrial customers whose facility uses more than 500 megawatt-hours of electricity per year are eligible for the Self-serve Incentive Program, which offers incentives for compressed air systems (between 40 and 200 horsepower) and lighting technologies.

"We anticipate more customers will now proceed with implementing their compressed air and lighting projects," says program manager Robert Raymond. "It will enable us to engage with these customers for deeper conversations about their energy savings opportunities and strategic energy management."

Strategic energy management is a holistic approach to energy-efficiency that enables businesses to achieve long-term and persistent savings. Over the past three years, BC Hydro has focused available incentive funds to customers who made the shift to strategic energy management. It's a strategy that considers electricity use to be like any other operational cost, and worthy of monitoring and control as a key consideration in business.

Since its launch, the Strategic Energy Management program has provided valuable insights into the customer's process and perspective when looking at energy efficiency upgrades.

"One of the key takeaways that we've learned over the last three years," says Raymond, "is that helping customers with that first energy efficiency project can lead to interest in moving to strategic energy management."

If you have any questions about the Self-serve Incentive Program or eligibility, email us.