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Federal legislation changes impact incentive programs

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In two January webinars, we'll offer details on incentive and program changes.

Several technologies no longer eligible; Watch for lighting calculator updates

In our March newsletter, we first discussed Natural Resources Canada's Amendment 13 which legislates improved energy efficiency regulations to several categories of electrical products.

These regulations affect the baseline standards that BC Hydro uses when determining the products or technologies that can be eligible to receive incentives. The legislative changes have implications to all of BC Hydro's lighting incentive offers, including Leaders in Energy Management (Custom), industrial Self-serve Incentive Program (SIP) and the Business Energy Saving Incentives (BESI) program projects.

Here's an overview of the changes, but we highly recommend you watch one of our January webinars to get a fuller understanding of the changes.

What does this mean for the incentive programs?

Effective January 26, 2018, several technologies will be removed from incentive eligibility. They include:

  • All fluorescent to fluorescent lighting retrofits, such as T12 to T8 and T8 magnetic ballasts to T8 electronic ballasts
  • Exit signs
  • Incandescent to LED screw-in lamps – note that hardwired retrofits will remain eligible as well as halogen reflector lamp replacements

How will the programs be impacted?

For both the Custom and SIP programs, the lighting calculator will be updated. The update will reflect the new fluorescent baselines as well as remove the "potentially incentible" energy savings from fluorescent to fluorescent retrofits, incandescent bulbs to screw-in LED lamps and exit signs. The new lighting calculator will be made available for use in the beginning of January 2018 and will be found in the Application tools section of the program pages.

For the Business Energy Savings Incentives (BESI) program, on January 25, 2018 at 5 p.m., the online application system will be updated to reflect the changes.

  • After all fluorescent to fluorescent lighting retrofits are removed, only fluorescent to LED luminaire or retrofit kits will be eligible for incentive
  • After the incandescent to LED screw-in lamp replacements are removed, only hardwired LEDs will be eligible for incentive
  • All exit signs will be removed from incentive eligibility

As LED technology evolves and continues to increase the efficiency of the products, we are also increasing the energy savings in each of the LED retrofit categories. As a result, your applications may show higher energy savings than you've previously seen.

An updated Eligible Configurations List will be made available in January 2018 and will be posted on the BESI program webpage.

More program updates are on the way

The Custom program, which is eligible to customers who are both Key Account and Energy Managed, will re-introduce incentive eligibility on controls for mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration systems, effective April 1, 2018.

January webinars to shine lights on program updates

We understand this is a lot of information to process, so we invite you to attend one of two webinars we're hosting, January 16 and 18, 2017, both running just an hour from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Register – January 16 webinar

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