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We've added an incentive estimator to help with product incentives

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Finding the right upgrade options for your customers just got easier

With savings for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration, BC Hydro's product incentives can open up a world of opportunity as you work on energy-efficiency upgrades with your customers.

To help you, we've developed the product incentive estimator, plus some helpful webinars, aimed at ensuring you include more accurate information in proposals for energy-efficiency projects. This new tool will let you compare retrofit options and estimate incentives for eligible retrofits.

Estimator is now part of the online application

Now that the incentive estimator is integrated within the product incentives application, you're just a few steps away from being able to create and share proposals in a whole new way.

A few simple steps to get started:

  1. Log in to BC Hydro's product incentives tool
  2. Select Proposals (the link next to the list of existing projects)
  3. Create a proposal for your customer, by entering the retrofit details and proposed project cost to calculate an estimated incentive
  4. Send the proposal to your customer for review

The best part is the customer can automatically convert your proposal into an application — with just a click of a button.