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New efficiency standards coming for appliances, devices, lighting

Image of LED light bulbs

An energy-efficiency regulation change is coming to an appliance, or a light bulb, near you

In December 2016, Natural Resources Canada published Amendment 13. It legislates improved energy efficiency regulations to several categories of consumer and commercial products, from common residential appliances to heavy-duty industrial devices.

The objective of the new regulations is to:

  • Increase the minimum energy performance standards for 20 currently regulated product categories
  • Make minor changes to standards or reporting requirements for eight currently regulated product categories
  • Organize these regulations to make it easier for people to find and understand them.

How will legislation affect BC Hydro's business incentives?

The implementation of Amendment 13 will have no immediate impact on BC Hydro's business incentives.

"BC Hydro's programs have already adopted baselines at or above energy efficiency requirements for some of the products in Amendment 13, which is why there won't be any impact," said Tanya Perewernycky, a program delivery specialist with BC Hydro.

Amendment 13 included products, such as fluorescent lighting, exit signs, and incandescent reflector lamps, along with select commercial and residential clothes washers and dryers, and ice makers. Some of the new energy efficiency requirements for these products will come into effect in early 2018.

"It's still early days," Perewernycky said. "We haven't worked out all the details yet in terms of how the adoption phase is going to affect our programs and the energy savings that we influence."

BC Hydro has been actively involved with the development of legislative changes, and has been working collaboratively with provincial and federal bodies to ensure standards are reasonable and implementable.

Provincial legislation changes also expected in 2018

Public consultation of Amendment 6 to the BC Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation was completed last year. Introduction of new provincial lighting regulations is expected in 2018.

The new regulations are intended to align B.C.'s energy efficiency requirements with recent California Energy Commission regulations mandating a shift to LEDs from incandescent MR16 and other incandescent small-diameter directional lamps.

"Currently we are gathering precise details about the affected products, and determining how they will impact business programs' configuration offerings and eligible energy savings," said Perewernycky.

As details develop we will have further communications and host webinars to introduce any impacts on our programs – keep an eye out on your inbox for details.