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We alert customers before power factor surcharges occur

Image of electricity bill displaying power factor

Business customers need to be aware of power factor requirements

According to the terms and conditions of the Electric Tariff, all customers must maintain a lagging power factor of 90%. For large general service (LGS), medium general service (MGS) and Irrigation (farmlands) accounts who cannot comply, a surcharge is applied to their electricity bill after their grace period has ended.

Grace periods are triggered by new accounts, new meters, and migrating accounts, and are 135 days for LGS and MGS customers and 365 days for irrigation accounts.

Power factor surcharge notifications now being sent to LGS and MGS customers

In an effort to reduce both the power factor discrepancies that affect our system, and the surcharges charged to customers with lagging power factor, we use two ways to alert customers heading toward power factor surcharges:

  • A message on each bill during the grace period
  • A letter sent to the account holder when an account is set up or migrated to the LGS, MGS or Irrigation rates.

The best strategy? Customers can use MyHydro alerts

Customers with concerns about future or repeated power factor charges can log in to MyHydro and subscribe to the power factor alerts. They can get email notifications when their weekly average power factor is below a set threshold.

Customers who regularly receive the alerts can talk to BC Hydro about ways to remedy their power factor.

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