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Power Smart Alliance becomes BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals

Image of worker wearing yellow helmet using laptop

As our business continues to evolve, so does the way we look and speak to our customers. This fall we merged our two customer brands – BC Hydro For Generations and Power Smart – into one simple brand: BC Hydro, with Power smart as our tagline.

As BC Hydro looks to the future, being smart about our power is more important than ever. Power smart stands for being smart about power in all we do – conservation, customer service, safety – and how we work and plan for the future.

This shift brings with it an opportunity to refresh our conservation and energy management program names including the name of the Power Smart Alliance. We're renaming it to be the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals. We have a refreshed Alliance member logo that's ready for you to use as you seek new business opportunities with new and existing clients.

Image of BC Hydro Alliance Member logo

You'll also notice we've refreshed a number of our program names, making them more descriptive. Our Power Smart Express program will now be Business Energy-Saving Incentives, and our Power Smart Partners program will run under the program name of BC Hydro Leaders in Energy Management.

"We're proud of the role we've played over 25 years helping customers make the right energy management decisions for their homes and businesses. We want to continue to be there as our customers' needs evolve." says Steve Hobson, BC Hydro's director of conservation and energy management.

As part of these changes, we're also offering four new marketing tools to help you demonstrate to customers that your company is credible, dependable, and a valued member of the Alliance. Get the details here.

Also, don't miss the latest on our incentives, including bi-level lighting plus 69 new LED configurations now eligible for incentives. And we have some new information about how financing can help get projects off the ground.

Find support tools and information for all our programs on our Alliance pages.