2008 LTAP: Intervenor Workshops

Following the filing of the 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan and Long-Term Acquisition Plan (IEP/LTAP), there were a nuMBer of developments that affected BC Hydro's electricity planning landscape, including the release of both the Provincial Government’s BC Energy Plan [PDF, 1.8 MB] and the BCUC’s Decision on the 2006 IEP/LTAP [PDF, 1.2 MB]. These documents were influential with respect to the analysis of the 2008 LTAP. Some examples of this influence included: a more constrained resource option pool, the need to factor in increased conservation programs, new GHG offset policies and the exploration of an enhanced risk management framework.

BC Hydro hosted four Intervenor engagement activities prior to filing the 2008 LTAP – one preliminary session and three workshops. These activities provided a forum for discussing what inputs would be updated and how the analysis would be undertaken within a risk management framework. The intent of these activities was to provide an avenue to share technical inputs and analysis outside of the regulatory forum, with the aim of achieving a more effective and efficient regulatory process.

  • Preliminary Session: An overview of the 2008 LTAP process and components was provided, and the scope of the workshops was discussed. 
  • Workshop 1: Inputs to the LTAP analysis were reviewed. 
  • Workshop 2: Remaining inputs to the LTAP analysis were reviewed, and the risk framework and how it would be applied in the portfolio analysis was discussed. 
  • Workshop 3: The draft LTAP application was reviewed.

Following the filing of the 2008 LTAP, BC Hydro hosted a workshop that provided an overview of the Demand-Side Management (DSM) Plan. 

Please see the table below for specific session/workshop dates and for materials, such as presentations, session notes or reading materials.

Preliminary Session

Overview of 2008 LTAP
(Process & Components)

Identify Scope of Workshops

November 14, 2007

[PDF, 30 KB]

[PDF, 936 KB]

[PDF, 29 KB]

Session Notes
[PDF, 50 KB]

Workshop 1
Review Inputs March 5, 2008

[PDF, 22 KB]

[PDF, 881 KB]

Session Notes
[PDF, 56 KB]

Reading Materials:

Natsource Report: 2007 GHG Offset Forecast
[PDF, 607 KB]

Natsource Report Addendum: Section 2 (b)(i)
[PDF, 31 KB]

Natsource Report Memorandum: Probabilities for Scenarios
[PDF, 38 KB]

Workshop 2
Review Inputs, Risk Assessment & Mitigation April 25, 2008

[PDF, 23 KB]

[PDF, 875 KB]

Reading Materials:

Global Energy Report: Natural Gas Price Forecasts for BC Hydro
[PDF, 420 KB]

Global Energy Report Appendix A: Expert Panel for BCH
[PDF, 30 KB]

Global Energy Report Appendix B: GPCM – Modeling Approach
[PDF, 195 KB]

Workshop 3
Review Draft Application June 3, 2008

[PDF, 560 KB]

Workshop 4
DSM Plan June 24, 2008

[PDF, 773 KB]