Inspecting trees near power lines

Two employees inspecting trees and tall vegetation near power lines


We inspect trees and tall vegetation near power lines

Our Vegetation Management team regularly inspects trees and other tall vegetation growing under or adjacent to transmission and distribution power lines to identify potential problems.

Tall, diseased or flawed trees can fall or grow into power lines, causing electrical outages, public and worker safety hazards, and even fires.

What happens if we find a problem on your property

Our qualified vegetation coordinators can identify potential hazards that may impact power lines. We employ professional arborists and foresters that follow strict tree risk assessment and environmental guidelines to prescribe work.

If we identify an issue that requires work beyond routine pruning, you may get a message on your door indicating that we've completed a vegetation assessment on and adjacent to the power line.

Before any work beyond routine pruning is done, we'll contact you to discuss the assessment. And we'll provide a phone number if you prefer to contact us first.

Please note that we do not contact property owners regarding routine pruning work.