BC Hydro - Smart technology and ways to save

Smart technology and ways to save

We can help you learn about
  • saving power.
  • smart homes.
  • lowering your bill.

Fix that leaky faucet

Fixing a hot water leak is simple enough to do yourself and can save you money.

Save up to $33/year

Manage your thermostat

Lowering your thermostat by 5°C could save you 10% on your bill.

Save up to $72/year

Be efficient with refrigeration

Keeping your fridge at 2 to 3°C and freezer at -18°C can improve their efficiency.

Save up to $25/year

Your home can do smart things

Smart plugs and lights

Control outlets and lights from your smart phone. We'll show you how and which products to buy.

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Programmable thermostats

Schedule heating/cooling settings or adjust your home's temperature remotely from your smart phone.

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Home energy monitors

Get real-time information about how much power you're using and what it's costing you. Take action right away to reduce.

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Is an EV right for you?

Where you live, your style of driving and usage all impact whether going electric is a good fit for you and your family.

Charging made easy

With over 1,000 public charging stations across B.C., charging your electric vehicle at home or on the road is easier than ever.

What it's like owning an EV

Get a first-hand perspective. Three electric vehicle owners talk about their experience owning and driving electric.

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