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Dave speaking to an EV owner

What this is about

We love getting out and about to talk to British Columbians. You may have even seen our employee spokesperson, Dave, visit households across the province.

We're on the hunt again to find more customers to be featured in an upcoming campaign about energy conservation across TV, social media and online.

What's in it for you and how does it work?

You'll take part in a fun one-day professional shoot in January or February 2020 that will feature the members of your household and Dave, our employee spokesperson.

You'll receive compensation for the film shooting day and for our team to use the video and shots during the upcoming campaign (typically around $1,500).

We need some basic info about you

If you're interested in being selected for this campaign, let us know a bit more about you by filling out the form below.

We'd also like to see a photo of your household (your family, roommates, etc.) who would take part in the video. You'll need to allow us to temporarily store the photo that you submit on a server outside Canada.

Note that registration, including submission of your photo, doesn't guarantee you will be chosen to participate.

We may reach out to learn a bit more about you in the coming weeks. The selected customers will be contacted in December and will be chosen, in part, on their ability to be available for filming.

Submit your application by November 30.