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Summer home cooling tips


Staying cool in the summer heat  

The weather is starting to heat up in British Columbia, and during a heat wave it can be hard to keep your cool.

There are some steps you can take to cool your home more efficiently. A few changes can keep your electricity use down, and help you beat the summer heat.

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Keeping the heat out

The easiest way to stay cool at home this summer is to keep hot air out.

Keeping the blinds closed, especially in rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight, can block up to 65% of the heat that enters your home through windows.

Have you ever thought about planting a deciduous shade tree in your yard? Plant the right tree in the right place, and it'll help cool your home for years to come.

Another option is to draft proof your home. This will not only keep the hot air out in the summer, but it also keeps the cold air out when winter comes around. Seal up gaps and crack with some do-it-yourself projects.

Watch the video below to get more tips on how to use window coverings to help keep your home cool.  

Using appliances less

Minimizing the amount of heat you're generating is a simple way to to lower the temperature in your home.

Running your dryer in the summer uses energy and generates heat that you don't need to. Instead, try hanging your laundry to dry. Simply hang drying half your laundry will save up to $50 in electricity costs while keeping unnecessary heat out of your house.

Take advantage of the warmer and brighter days this summer by cooking outside on the barbecue. Reducing the use of appliances, such as the stove and the oven will minimize indoor heat generation and lessen the need for home cooling.

Improving air flow

Ceiling fans are the most efficient option for cooling. A ceiling fan can use one-tenth the energy of an air conditioner and is a great alternative. To lower indoor temperatures by up to ten per cent, make sure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise.

If you place a portable fan near a window, in the cooler evening or morning hours, you can draw cooler outside air into your home.  

Watch the video below to get more tips for using your floor and ceiling fans efficiently.

Using an air conditioner

If all else fails, and you still need an air conditioner make sure you choose an ENERGY STAR model and one that's the right size for your needs to minimize your costs.

Watch the video below to find information about how to efficiently use and air conditioner to cool your home.