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Maintain your heating system

Child with mother turning down a thermostat

Give your heat a tune up

Tune up your heating equipment and continue to give it regular maintenance to increase its efficiency, and to improve its cost effectiveness and the comfort it provides.

Patch up leaks in your heating system

Materials and supplies

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Duct tape
  • Duct insulation

Skill level


Time required

2 hours

Depending on the state of your heating system, keeping it well maintained and making upgrades can save you on your bill by reducing wasted electricity. Doing so will also help your system to not have to work so hard, which can help it last longer and help you avoid the cost of new equipment.

  1. Check your heating system for visible leaks and loose joints. Common leakage sites include:
    1. Space around air registers and grilles
    2. Duct connections
    3. Floor joists
    4. Heating unit
  2. Clean the surface of the leaks, and seal them with duct mastic or foil tape.
  3. Once ducts are sealed, insulate them. Install insulation with the vinyl or foil backing facing outward.