Available rebates & eligibility

Get the right rebates to improve your home's efficiency

Home renovation rebates are available when you improve your home's energy efficiency. We recommend that you get multiple quotes and consider different systems to determine the product and service provider that best meets your needs.

Rebates are available for:

Get details on all available rebates below, or view our printable PDF [PDF, 123 KB].

Who's eligible

  • Residential customers in the BC Hydro and/or FortisBC service territory.
  • Electricity or natural gas is the primary heating fuel for the home.
  • Homes must have a minimum 12 months utility billing history.
  • Residential dwellings, including single-family detached homes, duplexes, row homes, townhouses, or mobile homes on a permanent foundation.

Read the terms and conditions [PDF, 210 KB] for a complete list of requirements.

If you have questions about the processing of your rebate, please contact BC Hydro by emailing homerebates@bchydro.com or call (877) 338 3347

Improving your home's insulation can be a cost-effective way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The amount available for each rebate is determined by where the insulation was installed, the total area (in square feet) of the new insulation added, and how well your insulation keeps in heat (measured by R-value*).

Insulation location Minimum R-value added
Rebate amount Maximum rebate
Exterior wall sheathing R3.8 $0.08 x R-value added x sqft $1,200 (combined)
Exterior wall cavities R12 $0.08 x R-value added x sqft
Basement and crawlspace
R10 $0.08 x R-value added x sqft $1,000
Attic (flat or cathedral ceiling)
R12 $0.02 x R-value added x sqft $600
Other (exposed floor, joist header)
R20 $0.05 x R-value added x sqft $450

Required standards

Insulation must be installed in accordance with the B.C. Standards of Practice Guide for Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits [PDF, 4.8 MB]. Typical insulation types are: rolls or batts, blown-in, loose fill, rigid board, and spray foam insulation. Radiant barrier, foil type or reflective insulation are currently not eligible for a rebate because they don't meet the stand-alone R value requirement of R12.

Submitting the application

Insulation type, location, added R-value, and square footage of insulation in each location must be included in the invoice(s) submitting with your application. See a sample insulation invoice [PDF, 123 KB].

*The higher the R-value the more resistant the material is to the movement of heat. Learn more about R-value ratings or ask your contractor for more information.

If you're looking to upgrade your existing electric heating system, a heat pump can be more efficient than a traditional electric furnace or baseboard heaters. Unlike other heating and cooling systems, which convert fuel or electricity directly into heat, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another, in the same way as an air conditioner. Should you get a heat pump?

We recommend that you get multiple quotes and consider different systems to determine the product and service provider that best meets your needs.


Receive $800 on select ductless air-source heat pumps. For homes heated by electricity only. The heat pump must be installed by a licensed contractor.

Submitting the application

The heat pump system must meet Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 15 or higher and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of 8.5 or higher for Region IV (equivalent to HSPF 7.4 for Region V). Refer to the AHRI directory to find qualifying models.

The heat pump invoice must include information on the date of purchase and installation, make and model number of all components, AHRI number or copy of AHRI certificate, and cost and proof of payment. See a sample air source heat pump invoice [PDF, 119 KB].

Limited time offer

From October 1 to December 31, 2017, Authorized Canadian Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Dealers are offering an additional $400 rebate when you purchase a qualifying ductless heat pump. When combined with the $800 BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebate, you can receive a total of $1,200 in rebates.

See a list of eligible Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps for the additional rebate [PDF, 89 KB].

See a list of participating dealers when selecting a qualified installer [PDF, 34 KB].

How to get the full rebate:

  • The primary heating source of your home must be electric.
  • Purchase an eligible Mitsubishi ductless heat pump from an Authorized Canadian Mitsubishi Electric HVAC dealer between October 1 and December 31, 2017.
  • Heat pumps must be installed by January 31, 2018.
  • Submit your application by March 31, 2018. There are no additional forms needed to receive the additional $400 rebate.

Qualifying ENERGY STARĀ© ventilation fans purchased up to Aug 31, 2017 are eligible for a rebate if the application is submitted within 6 months of the purchase date. Download the application form here.

Drafts are a big energy waster and can end up costing you a lot on your energy bills.


Receive up to $500 for draftproofing your home. The amount received is based on the reduction in your home's air leakage rate after the completed upgrades.

Submitting the application

An EnerGuide home evaluation is required. Speak to a program qualified energy advisor to learn more.

The more upgrades you make the more efficient your home will be. That's why we're offering a $750 bonus to reward you for bundling your home improvements.


Receive an additional $750 when you complete three or more eligible upgrades including.

  • Insulation (insulation installed in multiple locations can count as multiple upgrades)
  • Draftproofing
  • ENERGY STARĀ® windows and doors
  • High-efficiency heating system
  • ENERGY STAR water heater
  • ENERGY STAR heat recovery ventilator (HRV)

Standards required

An EnerGuide home evaluation is required. Speak to a program qualified energy advisor to learn more.

Submitting the application

See sample invoices for all the information that needs to be provided to meet the program requirements:

Insulation [PDF, 123 KB]

Windows and doors [PDF, 119 KB]

Air source heat pump [PDF, 119 KB]

Natural gas furnace [PDF, 119 KB]

Water heater [PDF, 119 KB]

Heat recovery ventilator [PDF, 120 KB]

You have up to 36 months after the completion of your pre-upgrade evaluation to complete eligible upgrades and apply for the $750 bonus.

For a limited time, customers with electrically heated homes are eligible for a $250 rebate top-up when two qualifying home energy upgrades are completed by March 31, 2018.

You may qualify if:

  • Electricity is used to heat your home (e.g. electric baseboards, heat pump).
  • You live in a single family detached home, duplex, townhome or mobile home.

How to qualify for rebate top-ups

New participants who complete two qualifying home energy upgrades by March 31, 2018 are eligible for a $250 rebate top-up.

Previous program participants who have installed a qualifying upgrade listed under Term 3 can also receive an extra $250 if they install a new qualifying upgrade by March 31, 2018.

Qualifying Upgrades Availability Offer Details Top-up Rebate
  • Insulation (one or more locations, $150 rebate)
  • Ductless heat pump
  • Draftproofing ($150 rebate)

New participants

Complete two qualifying upgrades $250
Past participants Complete one more qualifying upgrades $250

How to participate

Complete your rebate application using the promo code: WARM2018

Submit your rebate application with all supporting documents by March 31, 2018.

Please carefully read through the WARM2018 Offer terms and conditions [PDF, 233 KB] to confirm your eligibility and understand the rebate requirements. You need to have all supporting documents required for your application.

Additional rebates are available, see:

Ready to apply? See the application instructions and forms.