Rebate application

Once you've completed one or more qualifying upgrade(s), you may apply for a rebate(s). If you plan to complete multiple upgrades, you can wait to apply for rebates all at once. However, please note that rebate applications must be received within 6 months of the installation date of the upgrade (except for applications for the $750 bonus and the draftproofing rebate).

Please carefully read through the terms and conditions [PDF, 210 KB] to confirm your eligibility and understand the rebate requirements. You need to have all supporting documents required for your application.

Supporting documents

If you're ready to apply for your rebate(s), you will need to include copies of any required supporting documents with your application, which include:

Invoices must meet these requirements:

  • All service invoices/receipts must indicate details and the address of the work performed.
  • Include the contractor's company name, contact (phone and/or email) and address must be on the invoices.
  • All product purchase invoices/receipts must have the product's brand, model number, and purchase date.
  • Gas installation requires a natural gas permit number and BCSA gas contractor license number.
  • All copies must be clear and legible.

See the sample invoices:

A supplementary form required only when the electric or gas utility account is not in the name of the property owner. This form should be completed by the utility account holder*.

The account holder must send the account holder consent form to To speed up the application process, the account holder can provide the application reference number in the email.    

*This may be applicable to a rental property.

A supplementary form required for the draftproofing rebate, the $750 bonus, and the Home Evaluation rebate. To be completed by the energy advisor. The Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades Application is to be completed by the energy advisor, signed by both the energy advisor and the applicant, and, until further notice, submitted by the energy advisor.

In-home site visit

Some rebate applications are randomly selected for a site visit before a rebate payment is issued. The purpose of the site visit is to verify eligibility and the upgrades detailed in your rebate application. The entire visit will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

If your application is selected for a site visit, our contractor, It's On Electric, will contact you with further instructions. Please make your best effort to schedule the visit, as your application including rebate eligibility and amounts may be adjusted, based on the site visit acceptance and result.

Apply online

Complete your application online and upload all required supporting documents.

Applications may take up to 90 days from the date all required documents are received to process. You will receive an automated email from us containing a tracking number once your application is received online. Please use the tracking number to check on the status of your application.

Apply now

How to reach us

For additional questions about your application, call 877 338 3347 or email

For general questions about home energy upgrades and help with project planning, call the Energy Coach Hotline 1 844 881 9790.