Get a home energy audit

Personalized advice for improving your home's efficiency

A home energy evaluation – also known as an energy assessment – is a great first step to improving the overall efficiency of your home by helping you identify ways to improve your home's overall comfort and efficiency, and prioritize energy upgrades.

There are different types of home energy evaluations ranging from simple online self-assessments to comprehensive in-home evaluations completed by a professional energy advisor. In Canada, an in-home energy evaluation performed by an energy advisor is called an EnerGuide Home Evaluation, and includes an in-depth assessment of your home's efficiency including air leakage, insulation, space and hot water heating, and ventilation. 

Your energy advisor will provide you with a personalized report with recommendations for upgrades that will have the most impact in improving your home's overall efficiency. The report will also include your home's efficiency rating, which you can use to compare to similar homes in your area as well as a comparison against your post-upgrades rating.

Benefits of an EnerGuide Home Evaluation:

  • A thorough understanding of your home's overall efficiency.
  • A detailed, written report of findings.
  • Personalized, third party advice on upgrades that will make the most improvement in your home.
  • Improved comfort and lower utility bills when the recommended upgrades are made.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades may increase the value of your home.

Find out more about EnerGuide Home Evaluations or get started by finding an energy advisor in your area.