Fridge Buy-Back

Thanks for the great response

Keeping your spare fridge cooling stuff you never use, like expired pickles, could cost you up to $90 a year. About 7,000 British Columbians got that message this summer and recycled their inefficient fridges.

We've reached the limit on our $30 recycling offer

Did you know? If all spare operating fridges were recycled in British Columbia, enough energy would be saved to power all the homes in the City of Chilliwack for an entire year.

We recently re-launched our Fridge Buy-Back Program for a limited time this summer: an offer to recycle your old spare, working fridge and pay you $30 while we're at it. And we loved B.C.’s response, as about 7,000 fridges were recycled. If you missed out this time around, watch for alerts to another round of the Fridge Buy-Back Program next year.