I wish I had a smarter home

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Do you wish you had more control over the electricity you use? Maybe you wish your home were smarter.

Did you know there's new technology that lets you see how much electricity you're using at any given time, straight from your smart phone?

With smartphones and smart products, it's not just about managing your electricity use to save money – you can add convenience and choice too. Here's a few things that smart homes can make possible:

  • If you forgot to unplug the iron or your hair straightener in the morning, you could turn it off from your smartphone while on the bus or on your way to work.
  • You could turn the heat on about 30 minutes before you arrived home – rather than leaving it on all day.
  • Turn off the Wifi access or the television if your teenagers haven't finished their homework and chores, without leaving the office.

That's the type of control you can have with your electricity use with a smart or connected home. With our new HydroHome trial, you can start building your way to a smart home.

Here's how you can start your journey towards a smart home:

First, apply to join our trial

We're offering a limited number of people the chance to join our HydroHome trial and try out our app for free. Similar apps would typically cost you over $60/year in subscription fees, but we want to help you manage your energy usage and find ways to save - so we're offering it for free through our HydroHome trial.

Join the trial now, to monitor your electricity usage from your phone, and get an advanced preview of what a smart home can be.

Join the trial

Once you're in the trial, download the app

Start by using the app to monitor your electricity use right from your phone or tablet. If you already have compatible smart devices, you can control them right from the app once you're part of our trial.

By using the app regularly, you can reduce your energy usage by finding new ways to save, and save as much as 5-15% a year. For many customers this can be savings of over $150.

First, start by applying to join the trial, and downloading the app. The app is the starting point – from there, you can build your smart home.

HydroHome on 2 mobile devices

What you get when you download the app

By joining the HydroHome trial, you get access to our free app. With the app, you can view your energy usage data right from your smartphone or tablet. You can see usage by hour or by day, and compare your usage to the previous year.

With the app you can:

  • See a graph with your energy usage information
  • Receive a frequent in-app report on your energy usage
  • Set up alerts and notifications, that notify you of deviations from your usual consumption levels
  • Track energy use in relation to weather, and see how the weather may be impacting your usage
  • Set up budgets or targets for yourself, and get warnings when you're close to exceeding/approaching these.
  • In-app purchasing of HydroHome hub and smart home products (Trial A only)
  • See comparisons of your energy usage to homes like yours
  • See future bill estimations

The app is compatible with all building and home types. With the app, you'll be able to know exactly how much energy your home is using, and be able to make adjustments to waste less energy.

Make it smarter: connect a smart hub

If you choose to connect a smart hub, you can see your energy usage in real time. The smart hub connects to your smart meter, and gives you live feedback and tailored recommendations for saving energy. We have two smart hub options: Rainforest and HydroHome. If you already have a Rainforest hub, you can connect it to our app, or you can order a hub from us.

HydroHome hub and 2 devices

Both smart hubs can be connected to our app to monitor your energy in real time, so you can see and control how much power you use. Monitoring your real-time usage can lead to reducing your usage and seeing savings of as much as $150/ year.

With a hub, you can use the app to get:

  • Live energy usage feedback, current day and historical
  • Detailed energy usage graphs (30 second increments)
  • Energy usage breakdown (by major appliance/appliance type)
  • Tailored energy-saving tips and projects ideas for your home
  • Usage analysis for always-on appliances in your home, see your phantom load
  • Enhanced alerts and notifications
  • Weather updates and how it may be impacting your energy use
  • Information on budgets/targets that you set
  • In-app storefront for the purchase of hubs and smart home products (Trial A only)
  • Alerts and notifications that notify you of deviations from your usual consumption levels

Live in an apartment?

If you live in an apartment or townhouse complex, a hub might not be compatible with your unit due to the location of your smart meter. It can still be used with the app to control smart devices; however the live energy data may not function.

Take control: Build your smart home

Once you have a hub connected to the app, you can start adding smart devices to your home and controlling them through the app. These are devices you'll need to purchase on your own, but the app is the central point that connects everything and allows you easy access and control from one place – your phone or tablet.

Once you've connected a hub, you can purchase connected devices, such as a smart thermostat, and control the temperature of your home from your phone or even your smart speaker. Or you can sync it with your schedule so your home is the perfect temperature when you get home. You can create a smarter home that adjusts automatically to your needs by adding smart devices such as lights, plugs, smoke alarms and more, to make your life easier.

You can purchase compatible smart devices at retailers across the province, or order them through the app and have them delivered to your door. The hub communicates with the smart devices as well as your smart meter. You may already have devices that are compatible.

HydroHome - what you can do with the app

What you can do with a smart home, in addition to the hub and app features:

  • Control lights, plugs, thermostats and from your app
  • Control devices using Amazon Alexa
  • Set lighting and thermostat schedules
  • Design automation features that alert you if something happens, or control devices using sensors and schedules
  • Receive alerts from smoke and water leak detectors
  • Receive motion and door/window open/close alerts
  • Receive detailed energy usage breakdown for HVAC loads and smart plugs
  • Receive a monthly energy use breakdown review