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Good for your bottom line, and for your community

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business operating in Hope, you may qualify for enhanced offers for making smart energy choices. Taking advantage of these offers will help you maximize your operating efficiencies, reduce your energy bill and strengthen your positioning as a green business – all while improving service reliability of the local grid.

Why energy efficiency matters in Hope

Demand for electricity is growing fast in Hope. While our electrical system is able to meet the needs of our Hope customers almost every day, there are a handful of times, like during the coldest winter evenings and hottest summer days, when the demand for electricity can approach our system’s operating limits.

Electricity demand refers to how much electricity our customers use at any point in time. If you think of our electricity system like a 10-lane highway, energy is the number of cars on the road at a given time – it changes frequently.

Capacity is our capability to provide power to meet the highest, peak demand times. So in the highway example, capacity is like the width of the highway. We don’t need all 10 lanes all the time, but we need them during high-use times to meet the rush hour demand. Our electrical system needs enough capacity to meet periods of high demand too.

These high demand periods, called peak demand, typically occur in the evenings on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

Learn more about capacity

As a business that’s connected to the Hope substation, your action to reduce and redistribute energy demand helps to improve service reliability, eliminate or defer expensive substation upgrades, and keep rates low.

Offers available for your business

Businesses like retail stores, hotels, and office spaces can reduce their bottom line and contribute to a strong local grid through energy efficiency measures that reduce electrical demand -- both overall and when it matters most.

We’re here to help you identify your highest-value energy efficiency opportunities, like upgrading older lighting and adding smart thermostats through services like our free Energy Coaching program.

1. Free energy coaching and on-site services

Every business is unique. Your best first step to discovering the right opportunities to save energy and money at your business: book a free session with an Energy Coach.

Here’s what an Energy Coach can do for you:

Referrals for free energy-efficient products and installation: They’ll connect you to trusted, local vendors that provide free product installations including outdoor lighting and smart thermostats.

Free referrals for site assessments from qualified professionals: They can connect with you to better understand your business and arrange for the right, qualified professional to come on-site to identify your highest value, energy-saving opportunities.

Info and support for incentives on energy-efficient equipment upgrades: Reduce the payback for your next project with incentives for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and mechanical efficiency projects. The Energy Coach is your contact to make the application process easy.

Take the first step towards a more resilient business and stronger local grid. Book your Energy Coach session using the form below, or by calling 1 800 BC HYDRO.

Book your Energy Coach

Book early – while supplies last.


2. Book your own free energy-efficient product installation

If you meet with an Energy Coach, they can provide you with access to comprehensive support, and arrange for installation of free energy-efficient products on your behalf. But we recognize that some businesses may prefer to do it alone.

If so, you can skip the Energy Coach and book the product installation yourself by contacting our trusted, local vendor Platinum Electric directly. This includes the following products and installation—at no cost to you:

  • Smart thermostats for electrically heated buildings
  • Outdoor and indoor LED lighting
  • Occupancy sensors

To contact Platinum Electric, give them a call at 604 796 2988 or email them.

Email Platinum Electric

Book early—spots are limited while supplies last.

*The program requires an on-site service from a trained and appropriately licensed technician. Technicians adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols including tracking, prevention and PPE standards. Program delivery will only proceed in compliance with orders from the Provincial Health Officer.


Other ways to save for your business

These next resources aren’t exclusive to Hope, but they’re other helpful ways to make your business more resilient through smart energy choices.


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