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Harrison offers

The demand for electricity is growing fast. Limiting electricity use in certain areas, both overall and when demand is high, can reduce the risk of power outages and avoid expensive, disruptive infrastructure upgrades. You can help by participating in various initiatives designed for your growing neighbourhood in Harrison Hot Springs.

For residential customers

BC Hydro and FortisBC have joined forces to offer residents of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs a range of energy saving products, free of charge. Customers must own and reside in a single family home to be eligible. You may qualify for free upgrades such as LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, door draft proofing and other products.

You'll also receive a free energy assessment to help you identify opportunities to save even more energy and reduce your hydro and gas bills.

Our program delivery partner, It's On Electric, will be working in the community to help customers participate and conduct the installations. For questions about this program or to apply to participate, please contact It's On Electric directly at 1 800 874 3831 or

Last year, residential participants were able to shift approximately 42,000 kWh during the Peak Saver event, equivalent to running five refrigerators for 17 years. On average, participants received $2.80 in rewards during one Peak Saver event and total of $30 during the winter season. Registration is now closed for 2019-20 winter season, but please check back next year to see if this offer is available in your neighbourhood again.

When we call the next Peak Saver event this winter, here are some tips that can help you save:

  • Turn down the thermostat a few degrees and put on an extra layer instead
  • Avoid doing laundry during the 3 hour event. Your electric dryer is one of the largest energy users in your home and can use up to 3kWh of electricity in one hour
  • Set the dishwasher to run after the event and you can save between 1 to 2 kWh
  • Turn off lights and unplug unused electronics to help reduce your electricity use during the event
  • Shift activities such as using a hair dryer or watching TV to outside of the peak saver event listed in your event notification

More tips:

We know that when it comes to home renovations, budgets can be tight. We offer a variety of rebates to help make improving your home's energy efficiency more affordable through the Home Renovation Rebate Program.

Business offers and energy-saving tips

We're offering select commercial customers the chance to join the Peak Saver trial, where we'll be exploring ways to help reduce energy consumption during busy, peak times. Open exclusively to residential customers in previous years, its growing success has led to the recent integration of our business customers as well. Join Peak Saver Trial for Business.

For a limited time only and exclusive for businesses in Harrison, register for a free assessment to determine your eligibility for an additional 20% bonus incentive offer on energy conservation retrofits including indoor LED lighting, exterior lighting, exterior signage and heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades.

If you are interested in a free energy assessment, please contact Adrian Partridge to arrange a date and time.

Log in to your MyHydro account regularly to monitor your energy use. By checking in often, you will begin noticing patterns in energy usage that will help you identify energy saving opportunities. Learn more about how tracking your electricity use could help your business save money.

Here are more energy-saving tools and incentives for businesses.

Business energy-saving incentives

We will help finance your energy-efficient upgrades to help increase your bottom line. Read more.

Motivate your workplace to lower your energy usage

Order or download our four free toolkits to help you run an energy-saving campaign with your staff.

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