Charging at your condo or strata home

A row of a new houses in Richmond, British Columbia

Where to install, how to share costs, top priority list

The same types of electric vehicle charging equipment used at a single family dwelling can be used at a condominium parking spot.  But as a condo owner or strata council member, you'll need to do your homework in advance.

You'll need to take into consideration various factors as you come up with a plan that includes:

  • Where to install charging stations
  • How to share the stations
  • How to share costs and permissions

Many questions around the installation and use of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)  are addressed at Metro Vancouver's new site.

Also, don't forget that incentives for the purchase and installation of charging stations for multi-unit residential complexes are now available from the Province of British Columbia as part of its Clean Energy Vehicle Program. Get details on available incentives.

Electrical connections & where to get help

BC Hydro's role is to help you and your electrician with electrical connection questions. BC Hydro has identified qualified electricians who have successfully completed training specific to electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure, and you can find a qualified electrician via's online Alliance referral form.

Electrical supply issues to consider include:

  • A building's common area wiring capacity, that will supply the EVSE, and related electrical load
  • A building's total electrical loading, related to transformer capacity
  • The account billing rate class (which rate you'll be charged)
  • Charging system voltage compatibility: Some connections to BC Hydro customers, usually apartments, have a 208-Volt supply, which is different from the standard 240-Volt supply and would require a different charging system.

Installing a level 2 charger

If interested in installing a level 2 charger, the first step is for the electrician to understand the existing electricity load for your dwelling type.

  • Single-family home:
    • Use MyHydro Data Export Centre to download hourly consumption for last 12 months for electrician to review
  • Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) with less than 20 units:
    • Each customer in building will need to use MyHydro Data Export Centre to download hourly consumption for last 12 months, and then provide for electrician review
  • MURB with 20 or more units:
    • Call BC Hydro Customer Service at 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376)