About BC Hydro EV

COVID-19 update for BC Hydro EV network

  • Please charge at home if possible – this helps reduces risk of spread at public stations
  • Some stations may close – our stations in national parks and some municipal stations may have their access closed due to local, provincial or national restrictions. Check PlugShare ahead of time.
  • Maintain physical distance from other EV drivers and BC Hydro staff – please follow advice from provincial health authorities and maintain a physical distance from other people at stations.
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About our network

The BC Hydro EV network currently has over 70 fast charging stations across B.C., and there are more on the way.

BC Hydro operates mainly 50kW DC fast chargers, but you’ll also find some 25kW “mini” fast chargers and Level 2 chargers at some stations. Most stations currently have a single DC fast charger but as usage grows, we’re upgrading stations with a second fast charger.

You’ll currently find several models of chargers deployed across the network.  

Use the BC Hydro EV app to access other networks

You can use the BC Hydro EV app can activate stations on other networks across North America.

FLO,  Chargepoint and Greenlots stations can all be accessed and activated using our app.
You can also use the FLO or ChargePoint apps to activate BC Hydro EV stations that have the ID starting with ‘BC1’ or Greenlots app to activate BC Hydro EV stations that have the ID starting with ‘BC2’.

Our funding partners

We'd like to thank our funding partners who helped make the BC Hydro EV network possible:

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