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School districts

Desks in an elementary school classroom

With tight budgets, saving on energy use should be a priority

It's no secret that schools are having to do more with less. Reducing the amount spent on energy is one way of managing the budget. Lighting and ventilation are big energy areas that are easy places to realize efficiencies. And if your school has food services, then we can help with incentives on energy-efficient equipment and appliances.

You can also take advantage of BC Hydro's unique school programs to engage students in learning about electricity, electrical safety, and energy efficiency. Then they can help too.

See what businesses like yours have done to save energy and money.

Track your electricity use

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Incentives for replacing old technologies

Get financial incentives for replacing the old, inefficient technologies listed in our e.Catalog.

Leaders in energy management

Make a commitment to energy conservation and partner with other B.C. business to access a wide range of energy management tools and incentives (program formally known as Power Smart Partners).

Technologies and tips

Energy-saving tips ensure you're choosing the right technologies.