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Advanced education

Student studying in university library

Schools can be catalysts for change, and save big on energy

Large institutions, such as universities, consume large amounts of energy on a daily basis. Improving the energy practices at post-secondary institutions can not only directly decrease a school's environmental impact and cut down on energy costs, but also act as an example for change across the country.

See what businesses like yours have done to save energy and money.

Track your electricity use

Log in to track how much electricity your buildings and other facilities are using.

Leaders in energy management

Make a commitment to energy conservation and partner with other B.C. business to access a wide range of energy management tools and incentives (program formally known as Power Smart Partners).

Workplace conservation awareness

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve through employee conservation awareness.

Commercial new construction

Financial incentives, resources and technical assistance to help create high-performance, energy-efficient buildings.

Tips & technologies

Tips and systems information, on everything from HVAC to lighting.