2010 winner: Donald's Market

Makeover magic results in big energy savings

In 2010, BC Hydro teamed up with Donald's Market, an independent grocer on Vancouver's Commercial Drive, for our first energy makeover. Now, Donald's expects to save about $11,000 per year on electricity costs, and is offering a better customer experience than ever. Watch the six part video series below to learn about their makeover magic. To find out about incentives available for your small to medium business, see the Product Incentive Program.

The Game Plan: Energy audit & goals

(Episode 1)

Our experts check out Donald's Market, identify opportunities for easy energy fixes, and make a plan for moving forward.

Smart Spots: Displays that light up

(Episode 2)

Anemic apples? Pale peppers? In this episode of BC Hydro's Energy Fix, we learn to light up products with energy-efficient display lighting that will make your store look good.

Seeing clearly: Overhead light fix

(Episode 3)

If your fluorescents flicker or your shop floor is dim, everyone can feel the strain. Brighten up and save money too.

Keeping cool: Better refrigeration

(Episode 4)

If you're not pulling the curtains to keep cool separate from warm, you're losing energy. Yes, that includes "air curtains" too.

Waste Not: Compost, paper & more

(Episode 5)

Get smart about resources. A few easy steps help you cut water use, compost organics and step up your recycling efforts.

It's a wrap: Savings and results

(Episode 6)

A walk around the new, improved Donald's Market. With the Energy Fix the market looks great, and saves money every day.