Energy wise network tier assessment

Resource documents

These resources support use of the tier assessment tool [XLSX, 28 KB].


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Tier 4

Program Management

Planning [PDF, 527 KB]
Conduct Energy Wise Network planning with BC Hydro Contact and facilities' department Get sign off from all stakeholders on energy plan (including Communications) Engage Conservation Governance Committee (senior managers of the stakeholders, including HR) in planning Present to Executive for feedback on Energy Wise Network Program
Partnerships [PDF, 269 KB] Develop partnerships to deliver program Engage at least one Executive Champion who is active and visible Establish program personnel and budget Incorporate energy conservation goals into 3 department's business plans
Reporting [PDF, 253 KB] Report quarterly on campaign results to Green Champions Report quarterly on estimated energy savings to Green Champions and Executive Champion Report quarterly on energy savings to Champions and Conservation Governance Committee Make energy savings publicly available
Awareness [PDF, 269 KB]
Demonstrate that 33% of the target audience is aware of the conservation campaigns (aided recall) Demonstrate that 50% of the target audience is aware of the conservation brand (aided recall) Demonstrate that 33% of all people at the organization are aware of the conservation brand (aided recall) Demonstrate that 50% of all people at the organization are aware of the organization's energy conservation achievements (aided recall)


Target Audience [PDF, 259 KB]
Identify and prioritize target audiences and include at least 25% of organization (by energy-use or people) in campaign Include at least 50% of organization in campaign plan Ensure at least 75% of employees and/or sites are included in energy conservation Ensure everyone and all departments are involved in energy conservation
Champions [PDF, 1.2 MB]
Establish a Green Champions network that meets 4 times per year Develop formal guidelines for Green Champions Develop policies to support employee efforts on energy conservation Include conservation responsibilities in job descriptions in non-energy related positions
Recognition [PDF, 1.0 MB]
Communicate Green Champions' work and achievements to the organization Communicate achievements to Green Champions’ managers at least twice per year Establish formal recognition (awards) for employee conservation efforts Earn external sustainability award for employee engagement initiatives


Campaigns [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Develop a calendar of conservation campaigns Develop campaign toolkits, if applicable, and integrate lessons learned Translate campaign actions into policies, training and standard operating practices Develop/test new conservation campaign approaches and opportunities
Targets [PDF, 260 KB]
Establish baselines for campaign targets + establish method for determining energy savings Track campaign results Demonstrate measurable energy savings from campaigns Decrease energy use by at least 2% from behaviour changes
Communications [PDF, 1.1 MB] Create campaign communication materials Establish program branding for conservation Develop a communications strategy to make everyone aware of campaign results Publish article on conservation successes in external publication
Fresh ideas [PDF, 837 KB]
Attend Energy Wise Network workshops & connect with sector conservation groups (if applicable) Solicit employee conservation ideas & best practice ideas Establish resources to evaluate, prioritize and implement employee and best practice ideas Present case studies of energy savings from employee engagement efforts to BC Hydro