Create the Team

Step 2

An "Energy Champion" is needed to manage the Power Smart Awareness Program. The energy champion will develop the plan, obtain approval to proceed, build your team and manage implementation.

When selecting your team:

  1. Assemble as diverse a group of individuals as possible (see suggested team members below).
  2. Make sure the energy champion is empowered to make decisions. (See suggested team members below).
  3. If unionized, consider a representative from the union(s).
  4. Include tenants or other occupants who are in the building, but not part of your organization.
  5. If you're an educational organization, include students on your team.
  6. Select good communicators and those comfortable speaking with others.

Tip: Be conscientious of people's time. Prepare an agenda for meetings with clear objectives and stick to the scheduled time allotment. Bring in only people that are required.

The energy champion should consider drawing team members from across the company:

  1. Executive (to sponsor the program)
  2. Management (a manager to be responsible)
  3. Employee, occupant, tenant or student representatives
  4. Building operations
  5. Communications or public relations
  6. Accounting 
  7. Personnel


Securing support

As mentioned, support from senior management is very important. To help secure support:

  • Quantify the savings and show their net effect on your organization's bottom line.
  • Put the savings in your own terms to show the value to employees. For example, "Savings of x amount will equate to y new computers or z money available for new hospital equipment."
  • Remind management that the savings are sustainable. Demonstrate the benefits over time.
  • Highlight the labour relations benefits, such as improving employee morale, working environment and supporting broader community values that look beyond your company's immediate interests.