Richmond community energy manager

New resource to lead energy and emissions planning

To realize its goal of reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions community-wide, and accelerating the transition to more sustainable energy systems, the City of Richmond has partnered with BC Hydro to create a new resource within the city administration.

A community energy manager will chair an energy and emissions strategic team, facilitate the development and implementation of a community energy and emissions plan, and project manage the fulfillment of the city's Bill 27 requirements regarding greenhouse gas reductions.

Expected results of this initiative include:

  • Reduction in the use of grid-supplied energy and fossil fuels in the community;
  • Inclusion of community energy sustainability objectives into relevant City plans and policies;
  • Increased public awareness and support for these activities;
  • Increased support for community members (residents and businesses) to engage in Power Smart programs.

BC Hydro's role

BC Hydro's support will provide 50% of the salary of the community energy manager position for a period of two years.