North Vancouver 100-year vision

North Vancouver envisions a carbon-neutral future

To identify sustainability opportunities in their communities, the City and District of North Vancouver have used intensive multi-stakeholder design charrettes.

In September 2008, they held a four-day "100 Year" charrette involving planners, architects, engineers, local residents, business people, and representatives from TransLink and energy utilities.

This long range visioning exercise showed that it is possible to develop a carbon neutral urban community as the area changes over the next 100 years, while retaining the livability that these areas currently possess.

The workshop produced many innovative ideas, including:

  • Reducing energy demand through urban design
  • Supplying energy needs through carbon-neutral energy sources such as waste water treatment facilities, micro-hydro, wind and waste-to-energy

These solutions helped develop a long-range vision for the city's existing district energy system (LEC) as well.

Building on the sub-regional plan, the municipalities are now planning an Energy Design Charrette for the redevelopment of a multi-block site slated for a recreational complex. The charrette will examine "energy cascading" ideas such as using waste heat from sewage and from ice-making at the rink to heat swimming pool water or interior spaces.

It will identify passive design options, set energy targets for the redevelopment, and provide concepts for use in final design.

BC Hydro's role

BC Hydro provided four technical staff to participate in the original 100 Year charrette, to highlight energy issues related to long-term land use and infrastructure design. BC Hydro is co-funding current work on the Energy Design charrette.