Dockside Green, Victoria

Mixed-use development leans on biomass and waste heat

Dockside Green is a sustainable community comprised of 1.3 million square feet of mixed-use development on a 16-acre former brownfield site.

The project will include residential, office, commercial and light industrial uses and is targeting LEED® Platinum certification for every eligible phase for its green building design and performance. Phase I, Synergy received LEED® Platinum designation and set a world record with 63 out of a possible 70 points.

Striving to be greenhouse gas neutral with regards to its building energy usage, Dockside will utilize two sources of sustainable energy: a wood based biomass gasification system and the recovery of waste heat from municipal sewage. Using these technologies, a district energy system operated by a "micro energy utility" will provide heat and hot water service throughout the development.

The district energy system will service 20 buildings with the potential for expansion down the road. Eventually, up to 2,500 residents and business customers in the area will be served.

BC Hydro's role

BC Hydro has supported Dockside Green with demonstration project funding and technical expertise to support the project’s district energy initiatives as well as for green building features through the Power Smart new construction program.