District Energy benefits

New waterfront sustainable community buildings aerial photo

District energy systems

A district energy system, where homes and businesses share heating and cooling provided by a central facility, result in a more locally-controlled energy system.

District Energy (DE) systems offer a number of benefits:

  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions: GHG reductions can be realized through the use of renewable energy sources, rather than fossil fuels.
  • Efficiency: overall energy usage can be reduced as the differing peak demands of each building are combined to produce more stable total demand.
  • Flexibility: with one generation facility providing energy to numerous buildings, it is possible to cost-effectively switch the type of fuel used over time as markets change.
  • Implementation of green energy technologies: DE systems offer the opportunity to cost-effectively implement new technologies and promote sustainability awareness.
  • Improved efficiency: DE systems offer the capability to capture and reuse waste heat typically lost in current infrastructure systems.
  • Improved reliability: the variety of fuel source options with DE systems allows for back-up power systems in the event of outages.
  • Economic benefits and energy security: DE systems can be owned and managed by local entities, meaning the value of jobs and the control over energy delivery remain in the local community.
  • Staying ahead of regulatory change: as more rigorous climate change policies and energy efficiency codes are developed, the development industry is shifting towards more sustainable practices. Working with DE systems now improves your knowledge and in-house practices so you can stay on top of these changes.
  • Marketing your project as environmentally friendly: DE systems can offer significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. As buyers recognize that energy costs are rising, they are increasingly interested in what heating and cooling costs will be for their home or commercial property. Energy efficiency measures incorporated now will help protect their property's resale value as well.

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