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Plant-wide audit


Get a fully-funded plant-wide energy audit

Get started on improving the efficiency of your industrial facility and save on your energy costs with the help of a plant-wide audit.

This is for you if...

  • You're interested in improving your facility's energy efficiency and want to first get an understanding of your usage to know where to start.
  • You use more than 2 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year.

How it works

  • Connect with your Key Account Manager or Regional Energy Manager. They'll be able to explain the offer in detail and assist with your application. If you're not sure who to talk to, contact our Business Helpdesk at 1 866 522 4713.
  • Once your application is approved, an energy expert will complete a high-level audit of your plant and determine major areas of energy usage and which of your systems present the best opportunities for improved efficiency.

What you get

  • Up to 100% funding towards your energy audit.
  • Access to an energy expert who will complete a walk-through and audit of your facility.
  • A high-level report, which includes:
    • Analysis of your facility's systems and equipment, including a breakdown of the energy used within your facility and greatest areas for improvement.
    • Identification of energy efficiency opportunities and areas with the greatest opportunity for savings. This "opportunity register" will help you prioritize your next steps for achieving larger, long-term savings.
    • No-cost and low-cost tips to improve your facility's efficiency.
  • A final presentation from your energy expert and BC Hydro to summarize the report findings and discuss opportunities.

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