End-use assessment

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Get a system assessment

Get an energy assessment for a single system to uncover hidden problems and inefficiencies. Find ways to optimize performance and see how much energy you can save.

This is for you if...

  • You want to assess the overall efficiency of a single system but need help with funding the cost of the assessment.
  • The targeted system uses more than one gigawatt-hour of electricity per year for a 200 horsepower system, that's about 6,000 hours of operation.

How it works

  • Connect with your Key Account Manager for more information and to get assistance with your application.
  • Expert energy assessment: An energy efficiency expert will perform an assessment of a specific system. The goal is to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities to save money.

What you get

  • System analysis: The system assessment will outline the best opportunities for system upgrades, estimated savings and estimated project costs.
  • Quick wins: Recommendations for low-cost and no-cost measures that can be quickly put into action to save right away.
  • Generous funding: Receive 100% funding of the assessment (up to $5,000).
  • Further funding opportunities: Funding is available for a detailed energy efficiency feasibility study to help you build a solid business case to upgrade plant and equipment systems.


  • Plant-wide audit: Identify major areas of power consumption within your plant and the systems which present the best opportunities to save energy.
  • Energy efficiency feasibility study: An in-depth systems-specific study with detailed report.
  • Strategic energy management: Funding and expert support for industrial businesses to integrate energy management and efficient design into their long-term business plans.