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Transmission project incentives

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Accelerate the payback on your efficiency upgrades

Get up to 75% funding for your energy efficiency upgrade projects and improve the payback on your investment.

This is for you if...

  • You're participating in a strategic energy management offer or new plant design.
  • You're a transmission service rate customer.
  • Your project or group of projects will save at least 50 megawatt-hours per year.
  • Your project is a hard-wired facility upgrade with an expected lifespan of five years or more.
  • Your site has been operational for a minimum of six months prior to application.

Connect with your Key Account Manager or call the Business Helpdesk to find out if you qualify.

What you get

Comprehensive funding

The funding covers all aspects of your project, including design, equipment, installation, disposal and tax.

How it works

To determine the total project incentive, we use the smallest of the following two amounts up to a maximum of $1 million:

  • 75% of the project costs
  • The total lifespan electricity savings multiplied by the eligible incentive rate.

See an example of a project calculation.

Note: You must have approval of your incentive application (in the form of a signed agreement) before purchasing equipment or commencing your project.


  • Self-serve incentive program
    Apply for incentives for compressed air system (between 40 and 200 horsepower) or lighting retrofit projects through our online application.
  • New plant design
    Funding and design expertise is available for a new energy efficient plant or expansion.
  • Distribution project incentives
    Funding is available for a variety of large and complex energy efficiency projects.

Sample calculation for a transmission project incentive

If you were planning a system upgrade that will cost $1,000,000 and save 2,500 MWh per year for 10 years, here’s how we’d calculate your project incentive:

Pre-incentive calculation
Without any project incentives, this project would pay for itself in approximately six and a half years.

Project costs
Projected annual savings
Payback period


6.5 years

Incentive calculation
(determined by the lowest of the two calculations below)

  1. 75% of the project cost ($1,000,000 × 75% = $750,000)
  2. The total lifespan electricity savings multiplied by the eligible incentive rate**.
    2,500 MWh/yr × 10 years × $30.2/MWh** = $755,000

Therefore, this project is capped at 75 percent of the project costs – in this case, $750,000.

After incentive
With a project incentive of $750,000, your project costs are reduced and the payback period dropped to just over one and a half years, while you'll continue to save on energy costs for 10 years.

Project costs after incentives
Payback period
Lifespan electricity savings
Power Smart Project Incentive

Total project savings


1.6 years


* Based on 2,500 MWh per year for 10 years at a typical rate savings of $61/MWh. Rate is for example only and does not factor in taxes or net present value (NPV).

** The base incentive rate is $45/MWh. Factoring in the net present value (NPV) for a project with a 10 year persistence gives us a rate of $30.2/MWh.