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EnerGuide Rating Service

A rating system for the Power Smart New Home Program

The EnerGuide Rating Service was developed by The Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada to help Canadians improve the energy efficiency of their houses.

An EnerGuide rating is a standard measure of a home's energy performance. The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation and extremely high energy consumption. A rating of 100 represents a house that is airtight, well insulated, sufficiently ventilated and requires no purchased energy.

A guide to EnerGuide Ratings

Type of House EnerGuide for Houses Rating
Older house, not upgraded 0 to 50
Upgraded older house 51 to 65
Energy-efficient upgraded older or typical new house 66 to 74
Energy-efficient new house 75 to 79
Highly energy-efficient new house 80 to 90
House that uses little or no purchased energy, an "Advanced House" 91 to 100

Based on its energy efficiency, a home will receive an EnerGuide rating and be recognized as a Power Smart home.

Ratings are calculated by Certified Energy Evaluators who analyze building plans, provide upgrade recommendations to improve energy efficiency, and complete a test to confirm the air tightness of the home once it has been built.

The final EnerGuide rating and Power Smart label on a home demonstrates to buyers that their home is more energy efficient than many others. It also shows that the builder/developer has met a commitment to provide a home with improved energy performance.