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Energy monitoring & targeting


Your energy manager will set savings targets for your facility and we’ll pay up to $80,000 in facility monitoring, specific system monitoring and/or advanced modelling to help you meet those targets.

This is for you if…

  • You have an industrial energy manager.
  • If targeting a specific system within your facility, the system uses at least one gigawatt-hour per year (for a 200 horsepower system, that’s roughly 6,000 hours of operation).

Connect with your Key Account Manager to find out if you qualify.

How it works

Your energy manager will work with one of our service providers to develop targets for your facility’s energy use and a proposal for a system to help you meet those targets. Once the proposal is approved, we’ll provide up to $80,000 in funding to implement real time monitoring, system monitoring and/or advanced modelling to gain a better understanding of your facility’s day-to-day energy usage.

Your energy manager can choose one of these three options, or a combination:

  • Real time monitoring at a facility level.
    • This is best suited for an operation with a number of small to medium size load centres.
  • Energy monitoring of one of the largest energy users at the facility.
    • This is best suited for large industrial processes where key unit operations consume a large amount of energy.
  • Advanced modelling
    • This is best suited for more complex processes and operations and may also be required for specific pieces of equipment that include a large number of input variables.