Home energy upgrades: Cut your bills with energy-saving products at RONA

Make small upgrades to your home this summer

Posted by Chelsea Watt

Note: This story was updated after the deals period on the products below ended on July 31, 2015.

A cool breeze through the house can be a welcome change in the summer, especially one that's expected to be as hot as this year.

But when the colder weather hits in the fall, suddenly that cool breeze can seem like a tornado, taking the heat from your home right out the door.

Why not spend some time this summer draftproofing your home and getting ready for savings this winter?

With draftproofing products, thermostats and low-flow showerheads available at RONA, you can save a little money too.

Draftproofing is quick to do, and saves you money

It's one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energy-efficiency of your home, and you can do it in stages in just a few minutes.

And if you start now, you'll not only keep the hot summer air out, but come winter, you'll keep the warm air in.

Start by finding the gaps and cracks (usually around windows and doors) that you want to seal, and then decide which products you want to use.

Most are easy to install and there are great options  at RONA stores across B.C..

Some of the draftproofing options on sale include:

Programmable thermostats do the work of saving energy for you

It's pretty easy to install draftproofing products to save energy and money, but a programmable thermostat might be an even simpler way to save energy. If you're forgetful like me, the "set it and forget it" savings that you can achieve with a programmable thermostat are one of the best ways to lower your heating (and cooling) costs.

If you program your thermostat to set back the temperature by five degrees for eight hours of every night, you will save approximately 10 per cent on your heating bill. Set the heat lower all day when you're away from home or on vacation and you could see even bigger savings.

Most people are comfortable in their home with the heat set to these temperatures:

  • 20°C (68°F) while doing housework, and moving around your house.
  • 21°C (70°F) C while staying stationary when reading or watching TV.
  • 16°C (61°F) while sleeping.

Water and energy savings are easy with low-flow showerheads

In many cases, showers can be the largest single contributor to overall hot water use in a home, accounting for 15 per cent of total household energy use. If you've got a few fans of long hot showers in your home, then installing an efficient low-flow showerhead would be a great choice for you.

Most low-flow showerheads are quick and easy to install and can save you on water and energy bills.

Watch for these products in stores across B.C.:

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