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MyHydro makes it easy to move


There's this thing in Montreal about the July long weekend. It's when everybody moves. Anyone who rents and is moving from one place to another does so on July 1. You'd think the city would run out of rental trucks, but somehow everything seems to work out.

In B.C. it's not nearly so chaotic. Even so, moving your residence is a stress-inducing and potentially migraine-creating experience, whether you're a student moving to a new bachelor apartment or a family of six upgrading to a home with more bedrooms (and bathrooms).

Ease the stress of moving

Make moving easier by planning ahead, and sending out all those change-of address cards (which you can do online at Canada Post).Also, contacting your utility providers early in the process will make sure that you have heat, lights, and TV and Internet at the end of the long day when you just want to sit down and relax for a few minutes before making the kids' beds.

Use this convenient checklist [PDF, 431 KB] to help you manage the long list of things you need to remember. You can make changes to your utility accounts as much as a month ahead.

Make changes to your BC Hydro account online

BC Hydro makes it simple for you to move or set up service and manage your account online. With just a few clicks you can, in advance, start electrical service for when you move in, stop service for when you've moved out, or transfer your service to another location in B.C.

It all starts with you creating a MyHydro Profile, which takes only a few moments to do.

You'll need to have address and phone number information handy. And if you're renting you'll also need the name and phone number of your landlord.

Learn more about moving or watch this video to see highlights of other features and conveniences of your MyHydro Profile.