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Go paperless contest winner saves more than just paper

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MyHydro helps customers save energy and clear up the clutter

Last September, customers were encouraged to turn off their paper bill, and those who did were given a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Choosing online billing reduces paper waste, but using MyHydro to manage your account online has many other advantages. With a click of a mouse, you can access self-serve functions like tracking your electricity use, managing payments and even moving your service.

The value of MyHydro tools isn't lost on Victoria's Richard Essihos, one of three winners in our Go Paperless Contest. Here's a look at his paperless experience.

Paperless billing gives you access to more online services

Essihos stumbled upon the Go Paperless Contest while using the MyHydro energy tracking tools to track his electricity use.

“I felt I could do my part by eliminating a bit of the paper shuffle,” says Essihos, who also didn't mind winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for his efforts.

Switching to online billing hasn't just reduced Essihos' paper waste. It's also opened up possibilities to better manage his account and take a closer look at how his electricity use affects his bill.

"I'm happy to see that I can view my bill online. I also like being able to forecast the projected energy costs of my bill and see the bar graphs that display my daily electricity use in kilowatt hours," he says.

For Essihos, getting rid of a paper bill is in keeping with a broader sustainability strategy . He's already a Team Power Smart Member and he's explored different ways to reduce his electricity use and make his home as energy efficient as possible.

Essihos recently participated in the provincial LiveSmart BC program, which provides incentives for energy efficiency upgrades in the home. Taking recommendations from his energy audit, Essihos:

Switch to online billing

Going paperless with your BC Hydro bill is easy. Just log in to MyHydro and select “Go paperless” from the left side of the MyHydro account summary page.

Don't have a MyHydro Profile yet? Create one first and link your existing BC Hydro account. Online billing automatically becomes you default bill format.

Learn more about online billing.

Go Paperless 2013 contest winners

Thanks to everyone who switched to paperless billing and entered the Go Paperless contest. We received over 6,900 entries and three winners were randomly drawn in October. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was awarded to the following winners:

  • Richard Essihos of Victoria
  • Tanya Kuss-Stelmaschuk of Heriot Bay
  • Anne Smith of Nanaimo