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Focus on wasteful acts: Team Power Smart photo contest

Get inventive and you could win a Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera package

Water gushes out of the faucet, flows over the rim of the glass and puddles in the bottom of the sink. The stopper isn't in place, either, so the excess water can't even be used to wash vegetables or clean dishes. It simply streams down the drain.

What a waste.

Tap into your talent, Team Power Smart members, and show us what wasteful behaviour looks like to you. You could win a D7000 DSLR camera package courtesy of London Drugs.

Not on the team? Join now.

Team Power Smart annual photo contest

Every year, we ask you to share your photos with us. This year we want you to get inventive over the wasteful behaviour theme.

Here are a few examples of photo subject that might help you come up with your own idea for a photo:

  • Kitchen tap running
  • Thermostat set to 25°C
  • Half-empty clothes washer
  • Garbage can overflowing with things that belong in a recycle bin
  • Power outlet with a dozen mobile chargers snaking out from it

What does wasteful behaviour look like to you? Take a picture and send it to us. Only members of Team Power Smart are eligible to participate.

How the winner will be selected

A judging panel, consisting of Team Power Smart's Mark Madryga, 2011 photo contest winner Tammy Gock, and representatives from BC Hydro, London Drugs and Victoria's Royal BC Museum, will narrow the field of submissions to 10 photos.

The reward: A camera & more

The winning photographer gets a grand prize of a Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera package. The nine runners-ups will receive a $100 gift certificate to London Drugs, a copy of the engaging board game, Earthopoly and tickets to the Royal BC Museum and gallery.

The 10 shortlisted pictures will be showcased on bchydro.com and will be on display during an upcoming exhibition at the Royal BC Museum. The grand prize-winning photograph will also be featured in print ads and London Drugs locations in British Columbia.

How to enter the contest

Don't delay, photographers, because entries will only be accepted between September 1 and October 15.

Complete the registration form at the online contest page and upload your entry.

You must be a member of Team Power Smart to enter the annual photo contest, so if you aren't already, join now.