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New meters just a part of electricity system modernization

A new meter is installed on the side of a B.C. home, part of a grid modernization program that will see more than 1.8 million meters installed across B.C.

With over 1.1 million smart meters installed to date, we’re well on our way to upgrading B.C.’s electricity system, but the new meters are only part of our plans to modernize the grid.

This is a system-wide upgrade that’s about more than just the new meters, and it will take some time to completely install.

It's business as usual, for now

For now, your meter is still being read by a meter reader. Manual meter readings will be slowly phased out over the next year as we complete the installation of the backend system.

When this is complete, we’ll rarely need to estimate your bill, even when you move in or out of your home or business, and we will eliminate manual data entry errors.

We’ll no longer need to access your property to read the meter, because the smart meter will communicate remotely with BC Hydro. We’ll still need occasional access to perform routine maintenance on your meter.

More detailed consumption information will be available through a free and secure BC Hydro online account that will help you save energy and money in new ways. If you have a question about your consumption, we’ll have more information about your account to help you.

Smart meters and a modernized grid

When combined with additional system meters throughout the grid, smart meters will help to manage the flow of electricity and track it like a store's inventory system. More information about the status of the grid allows us to conserve electricity, reduce costs, and keep your rates among the lowest in North America.

A smarter grid will deliver other significant benefits. Your new meter will work with other new communications and information technology systems to help get your lights back on faster and safer in the event of an outage, and provide you with tools to help you save energy and money.

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